The Guzman Center & Colorado Ranch Weddings

Good news for engaged-to-be-married disabled military veterans, as The Guzman Center for Disabled Veterans has teamed up with Colorado Ranch Weddings, to offer complete wedding packages to all disabled military veterans currently engaged to be married.

This team-up comes after a report released by Joan Kline, a military journalist, on the statistics of disabled military veterans.

The report stated that nearly 85% of all disabled veterans are unable to marry their significant other, mainly due to the financial burden placed upon them as a result of their disabilities.

The Guzman Center, after getting hold of and studying this report, decided to take action and do something about it.

They truly believed that it was unacceptable for our disabled military veterans to be unable to afford anything in their lives due to financial burdens from disabilities, let alone a wedding for themselves and their significant others.


The Guzman Center reached out to Colorado Ranch Weddings, well known for their absolutely gorgeous wedding venues with Colorado mountain backdrops.

It was the Guzman Center’s hope that Colorado Ranch Weddings would be on board with helping them fulfill the dreams of disabled veterans and help them in some way or another with accomplishing this vision.

Colorado Ranch Weddings were more than on board; they not only loved the idea, but were more than happy to assist our disabled veterans in any way.

Not only did they donate usage of their beautiful venues, but they also contributed financially, as did the Guzman Center, to fully pay for the weddings of numerous disabled veterans that were currently engaged to be married.

To top it off, the community has caught wind of this great deed for our disabled veterans, and with the donations that continue to pour in, this looks like something that the Guzman Center and Colorado Ranch Weddings will be able to do for our disabled veterans well into the future.